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Who is Anja?


Anja is a girl from Carinthia with her heart in slovenian capital, lover of plants, watercolour paintings, warm light, early seaside mornings, makeup and fashion enthuisast and of course a dreamy photographer.

From then to now

My path to photography started completely by accident when my parents bought a small digital camera and I started to fill the memory card with pointless and sometimes less pointless things and discovered beauty of photography through that.

Anja = sAnjava


If we turn time a few years further, through many styles of photography, interests, experimenting and awards at photography competitions we come to here - my desire to freeze genuine moments in time.

Wedding and lifestyle photography

As an answer to that desire I created Sanjava. Sanjava is a dreamer and she needed quite some time for her dreams to take her where her reality is now - in dreaming together with her customers that trust her.

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